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PeriBrainCare at Karolinska Institutet

Meet the research team.

Ulrica Nilsson, PhD

Professor & Principal Investigator

I have built a program of research to address the existing gaps in symptoms and support patients in their postoperative recovery, especially after discharge from the hospital. I’m a Professor of Nursing at Karolinska Institutet in combination with a clinical position as a university nurse at Karolinska University Hospital.

Awards: American Academy of Nursing Fellows (2022). This Year’s Digital Innovation (2016) . The Swedish Association of Health Professionals’ award for exceptional efforts in health care and successful contributions to more person-centered care (2021)

Jeanette Eckerblad, PhD

Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor in nursing at Karolinska Institutet. My area of research is focusing on self-care and symptom management in community dwelling older people with multi-morbidity, and health-related quality of life in older people with multi-morbidity and their next of kin.

Lina Bergman, PhD


My research areas of interest are patient safety, critical care, patient transfers, postoperative recovery, health literacy, complex healthcare interventions, and psychometrics. I’m a critical care nurse with a Ph.D. in health and care sciences.

Karin Liander

PhD Candidate

My Ph.D. project explores postoperative patients’ cognitive function, and their next of kin experiences of early neurocognitive decline in relation to validated neuropsychological tests, inflammatory signaling molecules and quality of recovery after hip replacement surgery. I’m a critical care nurse with combined clinical employment at Karolinska University Hospital.

Anahita Amirpour

PhD Candidate

The focus of my Ph.D project is to explore delayed neurcognitive recovery after surgery with objective tests and subjective patient reports. My research interests are pain, anesthesia and neuropsychology. I have a clinical background as a nurse anesthetist.